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Sprzątanie nagrobków

Most of us would like to take care of the final resting place of their loved ones and feel that they will do it best. However, age, health or long distances are becoming an obstacle and we feel helpless. That is why the idea was born to provide care services for graves by people with experience in the cleaning services industry. In this way, Zadbany Grób was established in 2018.

We are here to help you keep the burial place of your loved ones in a proper order. Through us, you can take care of the cleanness of the tombstone and its immediate surroundings, for candles and flowers, you can clean the grave after the funeral, and do minor maintenance work, and in the winter order snow removal of the grave and the area around it. We give testimony to the care and respect that you give to the dead. In addition to standard services, we are also open to your other expectations, we respond to every message and try to offer the best possible solutions.

Sprzątanie nagrobków

Documentation of the work carried out are photos that we send to you by e-mail. We operate in Warsaw and nearby areas, offering one-off services and year-round care over graves at attractive prices. We comply with the regulations in force at cemeteries, we have extensive experience and we perform our services accurately and responsibly.

Thanks to the high quality of our services, we enjoy the trust of many satisfied Clients who are willing to cooperate with us and entrust us with the resting places of their relatives. For our regular Clients, we offer discounts on the services we provide. We invite you to use our services.